Lasting Tribute to Jane Ewing


“If Jane Ewing had one flaw, it was this. No one ever taught her to say no. And for that we should all be very, very grateful,” said Corry Martens, at the May 25 dedication of a plaque commemorating the life, and dedication to this community, of the late Jane Ewing.

Family, friends and dignitaries gathered by the Morrisburg Plaza town clock to unveil a plaque, made by Merrickville’s The Village Tinsmith, which honours the years of quiet leadership and hard work Jane devoted to the Morrisburg Business Improvement Area. The plaque read in part that she “greatly enhanced our community.”

Welcomed by Shelley Cumberland, several speakers shared their memories of Jane and the incredible job she had done as co-ordinator of the BIA.

“It is a pleasure to be here and to honour Jane, ensuring that her memory and her legacy continue,” said mayor Steven Byvelds. “She always dedicated herself to the job at hand.”

James Grant, retired fire chief of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, a lay person with the United Church, and a friend of the Ewings for 35 years, said “We are here to honour Jane for her tireless hours of service. She shared her time with the BIA and the community, always putting her everything into the projects she took on. Her peers have chosen to honour her with this memorial, which will remain forever a reminder of the dedication Jane brought to her community and its people.”

Corry Martens, who, in February, first proposed the idea of a memorial for Jane to the executive of the MBIA, worked alongside her for 10 years.

“I saw what it takes to do a job like this,” she said. “Jane was a real force in the BIA. In fact, she was the BIA. Yet she always seemed happiest working behind the scenes and in the background. She really didn’t like the lime light, but she did so much for us all. Jane Ewing was a great lady. I am glad we have the opportunity here to honour her memory.”

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