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Putting a Face on God

Did you hear the one about the little girl busy making a picture? 

Mom asked, “So, what are you drawing?” 

“God,” she said. 

“How can you draw God? Nobody knows what he looks like” was mom’s reply. 

“Well, they will in a minute,” said the daughter. 

That may seem silly, but in reality this is what churches are called to do every day. 

To portray God. To show the world what he’s like. How good, loving, and kind he is. How big, wonderful, and powerful he is.

We try doing this as we serve the poor, as we work for justice, as we bring healing to the hurting. It’s all meant to mirror God.

One unique way that the churches of our area try to reflect God is by joining together in something called Love South Dundas. 

It’s two weeks (June 9 to 23) of doing service projects like washing cars, visiting seniors’ residences, doing chores for those in need, and handing out baked goods. 

Church members are also encouraged to do random acts of kindness. Things like cutting someone’s grass, paying for a stranger’s coffee, baking cookies for a neighbour or whatever.

Love South Dundas closes with a huge event on Sunday, June 23, at Earl Baker Park in Morrisburg. 

Beginning with a Children’s Fair at 2 p.m., there’ll be bouncy castles, clowns, and other fun stuff. New this year will be an amazing petting zoo and free pony rides. Then the kids and adults will be entertained by Michael Bourada, a magician and illusionist. 

At 4:30 p.m., it’s supper with barbequed burgers and hotdogs. It all ends with a huge outdoor worship time at 7 p.m.. 

Our guest speaker will be Ken MacLaren from Ottawa Inner-city Ministries.

All of this it to ‘put a face on God.’ Partly by saying that God is much more fun and full of life than some of us may think. 

But it’s also to show a bit of love, to serve, to give, and to do it all for free. We think that quite nicely reflects God. 

The Bible says he loved us and gave his only Son for us to die on a cross for our sins. 

It says Jesus came to serve us and to give us salvation and life all for free. And all of this is ours all for the asking. Simply by receiving it by faith.

More information will follow about Love South Dundas.

We do hope that you’ll come out and take advantage of our service projects, be blessed by some random act of kindness, and will join us at the Closing Event on June 23. 

We also hope that through it all you do get a glimpse of God. And that being loved and blessed you are drawn to him.

Pastor Clarence Witten

Community Christian 

Reformed Church

Dixon’s Corners

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