Williamsburg kiosk gives Custom Carts an Eastern Ontario presence


CustomCarts.ca has opened a kiosk location in Williamsburg.

The grand opening was celebrated May 1, with community dignitaries on hand to offer their congratulations to the new business.

Custom Carts’ home store is in Trenton, but seeing so many of their customers making the trek from Eastern Ontario and western Quebec they decided to open this kiosk location in Williamsburg. They purchased the building that formerly housed Williamsburg bank, and quietly opened their doors about two weeks ago.

“This location is great,” said Mike Eden, store owner. “It gives us the ability to be here with a relatively small footprint.”

For now, Nickey Eden commutes from Trenton daily to run the location which is open Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They plan to open Saturdays starting in June.

As the name implies, Custom Carts sells new and used custom golf carts. Ninety-nine percent of their business is to individual people or businesses who oftentimes have various uses for the carts including improved mobility, industrial use and as originally intended for golf.

New or used carts are available and can be customized as much or as little as needed. “For every reason and every season is our slogan,” said Eden.

Pricing for a four person model generally starts around $2,500.

The Edens found this Williamsburg location using Google. They knew generally the area of the province they wanted to open a kiosk. They found Williamsburg and liked its proximity to Ottawa, and the Quebec border. They found the building advertised for sale on Kijiji.

The Williamsburg kiosk location has a small sample of what Custom Carts has to offer, with about half a dozen golf carts on site. Their Trenton location has an inventory of between 600 and 700 golf carts.

“We are so happy you’re here,” said Sue Dingwall, representing the office of MP Guy Lauzon. “It’s wonderful when any new business opens and we are glad you found us. Thank you for coming to us.”

Marilyn McMahon-Ayerst, representing the office of MPP Jim McDonell welcomed the new business to the area. “We hope you enjoy our region, we are proud of it.”

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our towns,” said South Dundas deputy mayor Jim Locke who welcomed the new business to the community. He estimated that this is one of seven new small businesses that have recently opened their doors in South Dundas.

“We are happy to have you join us,” said Chuck Barkley, president of the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce. “I love the product,” he added.

The Edens are committed to the product they offer and are excited to bring it to this area. “I think the community will be great for us,” said Mike.

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