South Dundas Chamber of Commerce is 150 members strong


A whole new slate of directors has South Dundas Chamber of Commerce officials excited about the prospect of bringing new blood and new ideas to the organization that was founded in 1946.

The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting was held April 29 at the Upper Canada Playhouse. About 40 people attended.

“This is an exciting time to be in business in South Dundas,” said Chuck Barkley, who is returning for his second year of a two year term as president of the organization.

“Not only do we have one of the fastest growing trade shows in the area, last year was the first year that the Chamber of Commerce has been over the  150 member mark in its history.”

“It benefits the entire community to have a strong chamber of commerce. It’s a good time to be in business in South Dundas and I am looking forward to a strong year,” said Barkley.

The 2013 board members include president Chuck Barkley, first vice president Carl McIntyre, secretary Tracy Jones, treasurer Lauren Harriman, and directors Sue Jarvis, Joey VanKoppen, Stewart Cook, Brenda McIntosh, Donnie Bowes, Ralph Rick and Nicole Keicks.

Part of the AGM included a vote to re-affirm the general manager’s position, which they did.

Artistic director Donnie Bowes was guest speaker at the event, where he reflected on 30 years of the playhouse.

He spoke about its humble beginnings and its present successes.

He credits the longevity and success of the playhouse with a supportive community, professional actors and strong marketing.

“This playhouse has established itself as one of the most successful companies of its size in the province,” said Bowes.

That success translates into a great economic impact on the local community. “We really treat this like a business,” said Bowes. “Show business.”

“My greatest source of pride is seeing that parking lot full every night,” he said. “When I see that parking lot full, it means that people are choosing live theatre. They are supporting culture, but most of all they come here because they want to. We have really broken down a lot of barriers.”

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