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Reg is a 1 year old male. A real beauty. Possible Dutch Shepherd mix….a highly valued dog for police work and search and rescue. Reg a good sized dog and needs manners training. He has been raised an outdoor dog.  A real gentle, fun-loving sweetheart who would make a wonderful pet to someone who has the time to train him… a great agility dog and the shelter thinks one very wonderful pet. Reg is very healthy but would need to be neutered.  Great dog, beautifully coloured.

Little Angel, is a timid little girl about 5 months old. She is a border collie mix and is a quiet, shy puppy. She is a real beauty and needs someone to love her. She will need to be spayed when old enough and needs to go to a family ready to take on the responsibility of a young puppy,  who, like all puppies needs love and kindness and training.

Also looking for homes: Coco, a beautiful female, Chocolate Lab; Buddy a gorgeous 2.5 year old Yellow Lab; Nugget  a six month old Collie/husky. Three very young kittens need homes or fostering asap as the Shelter is not equipped for them.

If you are interested in adopting any of the beautiful dogs, call Kevin at the South Dundas Animal Shelter at 613-543-2980 or 613-913-1476. For more information on all of the wonderful dogs availablle for adoption at the South Dundas Animal Shelter, please check our website straydogrescue.com    or    our Facebook Page South Dundas Pet Rescue.

This is a public service column. The Leader accepts no responsibility for the dogs or the adoption process.

Angel's Bio…South Dundas Animal Shelter Name:Angel. Hi everyone. The folks here at the South Dundas Animal Shelter have named me Angel. Why? Well because I am a timid little girl who doesn’t appear to have had much loving in my four to five months of life. I am a border collie mix, a quiet and shy puppy. I am also very skinny and need of some good food and good loving. I am at the puppy stage where my legs have grown faster than the rest of me…so I am a bit clumsy…so who thinks this stage is funny? I am of course your typical puppy and I need a family prepared to take me on for the long haul and see me through my puppy days….playing and chewing and chewing and playing. When I am old enough I will need to be spayed…as all of us here at the shelter don’t want to see anymore unwanted puppies born that can’t find homes. Believe me it is no fun. Note: Angel is not expected to be a large dog. She will, like all puppies, need to be house-trained and then of course have some puppy training to make her a well-mannered member of a family. She is a lovely little girl who desperately needs to be shown some human kindness. There is no charge for adoption, but a donation of food or cash to purchase food is  very much appreciated. The Shelter is also asking that all persons coming to meet dogs with the possibility of taking them home to please bring along a collar and leash.  For more information on this little Angel please contact the South Dundas Animal Shelter at 613-913-1476 or 613-543-2980.


Reg's Bio…South Dundas Anima Shelter Name: Reg. Hi folks. My name is Reg and I am a one year old, beautifully coloured  boy. I had Kevin slightly baffled about my breed, but someone has now suggested a Dutch Shepherd. I a loving beautiful young boy. I am a good sized dog and I do not like to be indoors. In fact, I have only ever been an outdoor dog and that’s the way I like it. I also have not received much training as in manners/obedience but because I am still a pup…training would not be a big deal. I am not neutered so that would be the first thing my new family would have to do for me…after that all I need is a safe and loving home, lots of tender loving care and a fair amount of exercise. Who knows, if my new family has the time to work with me, I might even decide that some indoor time with my best friends might be a good thing after all. But for now I am looking for a family home that has a safe outdoor setup for me. Today when the photographer was here, and while enjoying my treat one of the shelter volunteers decided a little playtime was in order. I stopped everything, even let her take my treat from my mouth, so we could play. She said I was just a big lovable baby. Please note: Because of Reg’s size and his lack of manners/training, which can certainly be corrected, he may not be suitable for a family with small children. This would best be talked over with Kevin who will know better after he and the shelter volunteers have worked with him for a few days. For more information please contact the South Dundas Animal Shelter at 613-913-1476 or 613-543-2980. In researching the Dutch Shepherd Breed, we have discovered they are highly sought after dogs for police work, search and rescue and seeing eye dogs. They are a herding dog and would make a great dog for a dog owner who is interested in agility/obedience training. They are smart, have a good temperament, but as a working dog they require a fair amount of exercise…a good run several times a week. According to our research Dutch Shepherds make a loyal companion and a good pet, for the right pet owner…the same as any other breed….This guy is a beauty.



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