Graphic discussions over South Dundas township signs


South Dundas council held a special meeting April 23 for the sole purpose of coming up with a plan to go forward with new 401, hamlet and facility signs for the Township of South Dundas.

A month ago South Dundas was presented with a new design by the consultants they hired in partnership with South Stormont. 

The consultant was tasked with redesigning the signs to uniformly identify hamlets and facilities while promoting the Upper Canada Region brand across the two municipalities.

While South Stormont council was accepting of the designs, South Dundas council, and the community input they received, were not.

South Dundas council opted to scrap the design, and now are themselves trying to work out what they want.

Nearly two hours of discussions resulted in council sending South Dundas economic development officer Nicole Sullivan back to the drawing board with the task of adding the Township of South Dundas logo to the hamlet signs that were presented by the consultants.

The colour, font and sign shape of the hamlet signs were deemed acceptable. However, council was adamant that a graphic needs to be included for the signs to be eye catching. 

They decided that the township logo should be that eye-catching graphic included on the signs.

Council could not come to any sort of consensus regarding the 401 signs meant to identify the municipality to passing traffic, so they decided, for now, they would not worry about them.

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