Pondering a new name for an old high school

The building that has long been called ‘The Old High School’ or the former Morrisburg Collegiate Institute is going to need a new name.

“It would be appropriate for that building to have a name,” said South Dundas CAO Stephen McDonald at the April 16, South Dundas council meeting.

He asked council to give some consideration to potential names and provide them to South Dundas staff. “We are open to suggestions,” he told council.

According to McDonald, staff have discussed ideas about a new name for the building currently undergoing a $4 million renovation that will bring South Dundas administration, the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic’s Morrisburg location and the Morrisburg library branch together under the same roof.

Staff have been kicking around the idea of trying to incorporate the Morrisburg Collegiate Institute initials into the new name. Early suggestions have included Medical and Community Integrated Facility or Medical and Civic Integrated Facility.

After council input is provided to staff, a report will be prepared for discussion at a future council meeting.

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