Minor hockey game sheet shows good year

Jeff van Moorsel was returned as South Dundas Minor Hockey president at the organization’s annual general meeting held at the Morrisburg Golf Club, Monday night. 

“We had a very good year,” van Moorsel told the handful of interested parents who attended this year’s meeting. 

“We had two teams win an Upper Canada Championship and another two teams win their east or west division. For a small association, when you have two championship teams and two runners-up, then you have done very well.”

“We had very good coaching, and not many complaints. They are all volunteers, and I think they did a great job.”

“I go to all the meetings and I hear complaints about refereeing, but I never hear any complaints about the South Dundas referees. They are doing a good job.”

van Moorsel reported the association had a good year financially, his statement backed by treasurer Pam Mullin’s  report later in the meeting. 

He explained that after breaking even for a couple of years and losing money last year, the association is in the black this year. This he said was mainly because the association used 48 less hours of ice time this year.

“There are several factors for this, but mainly it depends on the ice time required for playoffs. Hours are also affected by how Christmas falls, and how many events the Figure Skating Club hosts.”

van Moorsel took the time to say good bye and thank you to several out going executive members. They included Ice Scheduler Steve Martineau (four years service), Secretary Andrea Cartier (eight years) and Equipment manager Rob Perry (two years).

“This executive has done a great job,” said van Moorsel. “It was a pretty easy job this year, and you have all been a good group to work with.”

Of major interest was Pam Mullin’s financial report which shows the association ending the season with a net income of $10,554. 

“We have ended up in a very positive position,” said Mullin.

Because of the good year, Mullin reported that the board of directors had decided there would not be a fee increase for the 2013/14 season. 

“We have $4,400 cash on hand, and we have $30,000 again in GICs. Our goal now is to keep the numbers (players) consistent.”

Mullin suggested that to do so, the association could look at a more pro-active enlistment of players, try to keep the girls on teams longer before they move to all girl leagues and to continue to keep the Initiation fees low to attract the younger children.

“It is nice to keep a safety net so that when we have a year when expenses are higher, we don’t have to raise our fees,” said Mullin of the $30,000 in GICs.

This year’s registration fees brought in $82,613, while fund raising contributed another $43,110. The largest portion of the fund raising money, $40,800, came from the Lottery Draw. 

The major expense was Ice Rental at $78,024, which, with about 50 fewer hours used, was down from the previous season that came in at $83,035. Referee cost was the next biggest expenditure at $16,007. Insurance costs were $6,588 and league fees accounted for $3,433.

Total revenues were $127,597 while total expenses were $117,043.

The average program cost per participant this year was $567.57. There were 204 registrations. A total of 725.5 ice time hours were used compared to 773.5 used the year previous.

Various reports were given including that of registration, which this year was co-handled by Tanya Domanko and Cassandra Barry.

Domanko reported that for the coming season there would be no online registration. “We need to have it done in person,” she said. “Hopefully, we will be able to get all of the information correct. We will give everyone their draw tickets at registration and the ticket numbers will be recorded.”

Domanko indicated registrations have been set up at the arena for Saturday, May 14 (10 a.m. until noon) and Wednesday, May 8 (6-7:30 p.m.) For added convenience a minor hockey registration will be held at the Iroquois soccer fields on Saturday, June 1.

After various reports were given, three amendments were made to the South Dundas Minor Hockey Constitution. The first officially standardized the Association’s Lions logo; the second dissolved the board of directors position of Trophies, Awards and Tournament and moved those duties to that of the 1st Vice-President; the third created the position of Electronic Communications Coordinator.

The two changes to the board kept the voting directors at a total of 14.

The final item of the meeting was the election of the 2013-14 Board of Directors. 

van Moorsel remained as President, Mike Domanko is 1st Vice-President-Awards & Tournament Coordinator, Jamie Smith is 2nd Vice-President–Risk Management and Gary Hart remains Past-President.  Johanna Kronstal replaced Andrea Cartier as Secretary and Pam Mullin remained Treasurer. Tanya Domanko is  Registrar and Cassandra Barry took on the position of Electronic Communications Coordinator.

David Lapier remained Rules and Discipline Chair, and Bruce Mullin remained Coaching/Development Co-ordinator. John Connors was elected Equipment Manager, and Jason Broad was elected Ice Scheduler to replace Steve Martineau. Lisa Schwerdtfeger became Referee In Chief and Joanne Backes was elected Fundraising Co-ordinator.

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