New owners impressed with store, staff and commmunity


“We have inherited a fantastic situation,” said Shaun Telfer, who with his wife Tracy took over ownership of the Morrisburg Canadian Tire Store nearly a month ago.

“Michel and Ninon (Proulx) did a fantastic job with this store,” said Telfer of the previous owners, who have moved on to a store in Niagara Falls.

With a modern store concept and a fantastic team who are very customer oriented and take great pride in their store, Telfer doesn’t see much need for change in the near future.

“I love it here. We’re very excited to be here and are very impressed with the community,” said Telfer. “We have great customers. They are warm and welcoming .”

Traditionally, the Canadian Tire Store owners in Morrisburg have established themselves as strong community supporters, jumping on board to support various charitable organizations.

That community support is something that the Telfers plan to continue.

“We want to carry on that legacy,” said Telfer.

Also continuing will be the customer-oriented philosophy. “We like to meet, greet and acknowledge our customers and ensure that we are meeting their needs,” he said.

Shaun and Tracy Telfer officially took over the Morrisburg Canadian Tire Store on February 22. This is their second store.

Their first store was a small 3,700 square foot store in Mount Forest Ontario. The Morrisburg Store is a  20,000 square foot store.

Tracy is originally from Espinola. She worked at the Canadian Tire Store there for 25 years and was manager there and ran the garden centre.

Shaun grew up in Manitoba. We worked for the Canadian Tire Store in Winnipeg. For the last 10 years he has been with Canadian Tire’s home office in Toronto, having most recently been a regional manager.

Shaun and Tracy purchased a home here, and are now living in South Dundas.

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