Young hero’s keen ears lead to neighbour’s rescue


From 9 a.m. Saturday March 2, until 3 p.m. Sunday March 3, 70 year old Elsie Knight laid outside the back door of her home with a broken leg, unable to move.

She laid there until the keen ears of a 10 year old boy heard her calls for help.

Tyler Barkley, Elsie’s neighbour, heard her calls from his County Road 18 home, which is about 100 meters away.

“I was outside shovelling the ditch, looking for some ice,” said Tyler. “I thought I heard her calling her dog, but then I heard it better. I heard ‘Help me please!’”

Hearing that call for help, Tyler got his dad, Rick. The two listened and heard the calls for help. It was then that Rick went to Elsie’s and found her outside on the ground. 

“My dad threw his coat over her. She was soaked because she was right under the eavestrough,” said Tyler.  

It was Rick who called the ambulance. 

Elsie has slipped while shovelling the snow off the back stoop and broke her leg just above the knee.

Elsie was taken to Ottawa Hospital, but is likely to be moved to Winchester Hospital soon. Tyler is planning to visit Elsie there on Sunday.

Tyler credits his ears with making it possible for his dad to find Elsie. “I hunt,” said Tyler. That hobby has obviously allowed him to develop very strong listening skills.

The whole experience hasn’t changed Tyler at all, according to his dad.

Tyler is not sure what to think of all the attention and of seeing himself on the television news. “We got lots of phone calls,” said Tyler. 

His friends at school thought what he did was pretty cool though.

Tyler is in grade four at St. Mary- St. Cecilia Catholic School in Morrisburg.

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