Morrisburg & District skaters tops at Interclub


Some 36 skaters wearing the Morrisburg and District Figure Skating Club colours on Saturday, February 23, put it together with some big skates to bring home the District 4 Interclub trophy with a team total of 176 points. It was a clear-cut victory for the Morrisburg skaters over second place Athens skaters who posted 72 points.

Along the road to the win, the Morrisburg skaters, as a group, collected 20 gold medals and two gold certificates, 11 silver medals and nine silver certificates, eight bronze medals and one bronze certificate. Points were also added to the team total with six fourth place finishes.

Twelve young skaters represented the club at the Canskate level  with each competing in Elements at their respective stages.

Leading their charge were Sarah Stewart and Abigail Smail who both skated to a Gold level certificate in stage 3 Elements.

Silver Certificates: Stage 2-Emma Morrow; Stage 3-Lilly Napier, Olivia Chafe, Miriam Biemond; Stage 4-Marin Morrow, Shianne Johnson; Stage 5-Jesssica Groves, Hannah Biemond, Hannah Warren.

Bronze Certificates: Stage 3-Madison Johnson.

Gold Medals

Team Elements: Introductory-Abby Smith, Xandra Furo and Mikaela Furo; Pre-Preliminary Elements–(Flight 3)-Erika Jordan, Cameryn Broad and Ashley Bouwman–(Flight 1) Reagan Belanger, Katie Buter and Olivia Hart.

Pairs (routine): Pre-Preliminary–Erika Jordan & Reagan Belanger; Preliminary (Flight 1)–Kendra Buter & Cameryn Broad, (Flight 2)–Taylor Pilon & Kaitlyn Stewart; Sr. Bronze–Abby MacMillan & Alexis Engwerda.

Team Spins: Pre-PreliminaryOlivia Hart, Reagan Belanger & Katie Buter; Preliminary (Fl 1) Abigail Jordan, Taylor Pilon & Kaitlyn Stewart, (Fl 2) Trina Dykstra-MacPherson & Kendra Buter; Junior Bronze–Abby MacMillan & Alexis Engwerda.

Shadow Skills: Preliminary-Erika Jordan & Reagan Belanger; Jr. Bronze-Abigail Jordan & Kristyn Van Hoof; Sr. Bronze-Kaitlyn Stewart & Alexis Engwerda.

Shadow Dance: Jr. Bronze-Kaitlyn Stewart & Alexis Engwerda; Preliminary-Erika Jordan & Reagan Belanger.

Gold Medals in Solo Spirals: Pre-preliminary-Erika Jordan; Jr. Bronze-Kristyn Van Hoof; Open-Ali Van Hoof; Pre-Prelimminary-Olivia Hart.

Silver Medals

Team Elements: Preliminary-Kendra Buter & Trina Dykstra-MacPherson.

Pairs: Intro-Xandra & Mikaela Furo; Pre-preliminary-Olivia Hart &Katie Buter; Sr. Bronze-Kristyn Van Hoof & Abigail Jordan.

Team Spins: Pre-preliminary-Cameryn Broad, Erika Jordan &Ashley Bouwman.

Shadow Dance: Junior Bronze-Abby MacMillan & Taylor Pilon (Fl 2); Kendra Buter & Mackenna Kyle (Fl 1).

Solo Spiral: Mackenna Kyle-Jr. Bronze.

Team Spiral: Intermediate. Tied for first place, two teams. Abby MacMillan, Alexis Engwerda, Taylor Pilon & Kaitlyn Stewart; Kristyn Van Hoof, Mackenna Kyle, Kendra Buter & Trina Dykstra-MacPherson.

Silver Medals

Relay: Junior Relay Team-Erika Jordan, Reagan Belanger, Katie Buter, Olivia Hart & Cameryn Broad.

Bronze Medals

Solo Elements: Madison Hart-Stage 6.

Team Elements: Preliminary-Kaitlyn Stewart, Taylor Pilon, Abigail Jordan; Junior Bronze-Abby MacMillan & Alexis Engwerda (Fl-2), Kristyn Van Hoof & Mackenna Kyle (Fl-3); Open-Gillian Beatson, Ali Van Hoof, Alyssa MacMillan.

Pairs: Intro-Abby Smith & Madison Hart

Solo Spiral: Open-Gillian Beatson

Shadow Dance: Jr. Bronze-Kristyn Van Hoof & Abigail Jordan.

Fourth Place Ribbon

Team Elements: Open-Gillian Beatson, Ali Van Hoof, Alyssa MacMillan.

Pairs: Pre-preliminary-Alice Cameron & Katie McCaffrey.

Team Spins: Jr. Bronze-Kristyn Van Hoof & Mackenna Kyle.

Pre-preliminary Solo Spins: Reagan Belanger (Fl-3), Mikaela Furo (Fl-6), Abby Smith(Fl-5).

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