Community generosity matches food needs


Nearly $160,000 worth of food was distributed to people and families in need through the Dundas County Food Bank in 2012.

Dundas County Food Bank officials discussed the facts and figures of 2012 at their annual general meeting held February 18, at the J.W. MacIntosh Seniors Support Centre in Williamsburg.

The 1,818 boxes of food went  out the front doors of the food bank’s Morrisburg and Winchester locations. Forty per cent of those people fed with the contents were children.

There were nearly 5,600 visits to the DCFB recorded last year, 372 more than the previous year.

“As we know, some things never change,” said Alvin Runnalls, DCFB board chair, at the meeting. “The numbers of people we help keep growing.”

“Our numbers have increased, but the generosity of our communities has grown as well, and we have thus been able to keep up with that growth,” said Runnalls.

In 2012, $45,000 was budgeted for food purchases, but necessary food purchases exceeded that budget by about $10,000. The 2013 budget is $56,000.

Purchasing by the food bank, especially of food staples is done in bulk, on sale, and often locally to maximized the dollars donated to the food bank.

Some small changes have been made by the food bank coordinators as cost cutting measures, such as no longer purchasing baby wipes and eliminating peanut butter from the regular food boxes, giving it out instead by request only.

Usage of the Morrisburg location of the food bank is slightly higher than the Winchester location. About 58 per cent of people who used the food bank in 2012, used the Morrisburg location.

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