Permit required for open air fires


Unless it’s a campfire or a barbecue, any open air burning by any resident of South Dundas requires a permit.

South Dundas council approved the newly revised bylaw at the February 5 regular meeting.

The bylaw sets out specific regulations regarding all open air fires, including campfires, which much less than 60 cm (approximately two feet).

Burn permits cost $10 for residential purposes or $15 per permit, per property for agricultural purposes, and must be purchased annually at the municipal office.

The permits are valid for the year, but must be activated prior to each fire by calling the township office during regular business hours. 

This contact will allow staff to relay important information to the resident, such as whether or not a burn ban is currently in effect. 

During a burn ban, no open air burning is permitted, even for permit holders.

Failure to abide by the bylaw could cost the resident, as they could be held liable for any costs associated with firefighters attending the scene.

The draft form of the bylaw was available on the township website to allow residents the opportunity for comment. “We have listened to the concerns, but in the end we have to be proactive,” said South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds.

“I believe this document will serve us well,” said Chris McDonough, Fire Chief for South Dundas.

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