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Transformed in Love

We are coming up to the last Sunday before Lent which is known as Transfiguration Sunday.  Then Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 13.  The next day is February 14th.

Have you either seen or purchased for your children or grandchildren, nephews, nieces, or just other children, those figures called transformers?  

With a flick of the hand and wrist the transformer can change from a vehicle into a human figure or any combination of figures.  

Some of the time the transformers according to popular children’s culture do good or sometimes the transformer is a destructive one.

When we read the story of Jesus and his disciples going up the mountain to pray and get ready for the journey to Jerusalem, there appear Elijah and Moses, perhaps in reference to the Law and Prophets of Judaism.  Jesus is transformed before the eyes of his disciples.  The glory of Jesus and Elijah and Moses is grand enough that disciple Peter wants the whole tableau to be housed in dwellings.

Each day we may be open to transfiguration through Christ as well. 

It is Jesus’ love for God that moves him down the mountain to begin the long road to Jerusalem. 

 It is God’s love for us and our love for God that prompts us to pray and seek the counsel of others as we begin difficult and happy journeys.  

The voice that the disciples heard concerning Jesus includes us.  You are God’s beloved, and God’s ever abiding presence will be with you this day and always.  

As we are transformed in God’s love then we can share that love transformation with others, and so we will all be about a new heaven and a new earth.  

Blessings for Lent and Valentine’s Day.


Rev. Arlyce Schiebout

Lakeshore United Church



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