Dividing community space to house food bank and more


Nothing is officially finalized, but there are tentative plans to fill the space now occupied by the Morrisburg Branch of the SD&G library, at the lower east end of the Morrisburg arena.

Essentially, the space will be divided up as a catch-all.

The primary tenant will be the Dundas County Food Bank. 

That means the Food Bank will eventually vacate its present home, in the neighbouring, municipally-owned Second Street building commonly referred to as the ‘old parks building.’ 

Since before this term of council, the municipality has expressed an interest in finding new homes for the tenants of the ‘old parks’ building, which is to be demolished. 

With that in mind, the municipality has spent minimal funds on that building’s upkeep over the last several years.

That building, 50 years ago at the time of the Seaway project was erected then as a temporary building. It continues to be used by the municipality as a home for the Dundas County Foodbank’s South Dundas location, temporary office space for the fire chief and the South Dundas Sports Lending Library.

Once the former Morrisburg Collegiate Institute redevelopment project is complete, transforming that building into South Dundas’ new administrative headquarters, the fire chief’s office will be located there.

The Dundas County Food Bank will take up about half of the current library space at the arena, according to South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds. 

“We have no formal agreement with them right now, so this is all tentative,” he said.

The tentative plans for the rest of the space that the library move will open up, are to provide space for the South Dundas Sports Lending Library, which freely lends sports equipment to South Dundas residents, and to take about 20 feet at the extreme north end of the space and partition it off to provide workshop space for the recreation department workers.

None of these tentative plans will materialize until the SD&G library moves into its new location which will be in the space vacated by the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic.

Once the clinic moves into its new home inside the high school building, in about a year’s time, the current clinic location will be renovated for the library.

Byvelds is not yet ready to discuss what plans are in store for the land that will be left vacant when the ‘old parks’ building is demolished.

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