Morrisburg and District Lions committed to No Child Without program

Thanks to the Morrisburg and District Lions Club, students attending Morrisburg Public and St. Mary/St Cecilia schools continue to have access to the No Child Without (NCW) program. 

Sponsored by the local Lions, in partnership with the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, the NCW initiative focuses on children who suffer from childhood diabetes and asthma, and allergies like peanuts. It also protects children with other pre-existing medical conditions.   

NCW provides elementary students with a MedicAlert bracelet or necklet custom-engraved with the child’s medical information, member ID and the MedicAlert 24-hour Emergency Hotline number, free of charge. 

This service is available to all children in our community, ages four – 14 with pre-existing medical conditions or allergies to ensure first responders have access to the student’s vital health information during a medical emergency. 

By calling the Hotline, school staff or health care providers have immediate access to vital information from the child’s electronic health record, including existing medical condition. 

The emergency numbers found on the back of the MedicAlert bracelets and necklets provide Morrisburg Publilc and St. Mary/St. Cecilia schools with important information to assist a student in an emergency situation. 

In addition, parents are immediately notified by MedicAlert when the Emergency Hotline receives a call about their child. 

As a result, parents of children who wear MedicAlert bracelets or necklets have peace of mind knowing they will be advised in the event their child has a medical emergency and furthermore the comfort that proper care was quickly provided.

Parents are encouraged to contact their school to obtain a brochure about the No Child Without program, providing more information and how to participate in this initiative.     


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