Farmers now paying more for extra garbage, council approves bylaw


South Dundas council gave final approval to a new garbage collection and waste disposal bylaw at the January 15 council meeting.

The biggest change in the bylaw: Farm waste is now being considered commercial waste and therefore subject to larger tipping fees at the township’s waste disposal sites. 

“We should be treated like a business. We are a business,” said South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan.

As a result of this change, farmers, as always, will be allowed to put two bags at the roadside for collection for their dwelling, but will now be allowed another two bags for their commercial establishment, if they are at the same location.

The bylaw also contains a provision for home health care waste.

Those South Dundas residents with medical conditions that result in the creation of additional waste that exceeds the municipality’s two bag limit, are now eligible to receive up to 26 bags for additional waste, free of charge. Those interested and eligible can apply at the Township office in Williamsburg. 

All residents are required to obey the bylaw, to recycle and are encouraged to actively reduce garbage.

South Dundas’ two bag limit remains in tact. Any additional garbage for roadside pickup must be in special bags purchased from the municipality. The new version of the bylaw is now in effect.

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