Blanket support for rooftop solar


South Dundas council granted its support to another small rooftop solar project in South Dundas at the January 15 council meeting.

A handful of similar projects were supported at the December meeting. 

This month the support is for a project on the property of Glenn and Margaret Swerdfeger, located along Carman Road.

The support or non-support of the municipality truly has no bearing on whether or not a project will proceed, according to municipal officials.

Council is firmly divided on the issue. Out of protest against the program which has a negative impact on the rates paid by hydro users, Mayor Steven Byvelds and Councillor Jim Graham refuse to support any of these projects. 

However, they are the minority, so in the end council is supportive of all of the applicants seeking similar support.

Rather than waste time at council meetings having the same discussion over and over again, council has asked staff to prepare a policy that will provide blanket support for these small rooftop solar projects taking place on private property.

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