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The curling leagues are in full swing again at the Morrisburg Club. 

But first, the results of the last draw for the day men. After some tight matches, the champions were declared: Sid Morrell, Ron Beaupre, Bud Perry and Gerry Thompson won out, followed close behind in the 10-team league by Wally McDonald, Raymond Benoit, Sam Locke and Paul Dobry, and the third place team of John Wilson, Rick MacKenzie, Glenn Cougler and Bob Bechard. The men’s current draw, for the Kincaid Trophy, began on January 3. 

Dec. 30 saw another two-person spiel, coordinated by Susan McIntosh. There was a full slate of 24 teams, and after six hours of curling, the winners were declared and the prize money handed out. 

The champions in the “A” division were Pete Zeran and Bud Perry, who defeated Sam Locke and Darryl McDonnell. In the “B” division, Paul St. Pierre and Ron Beaupre were victorious over Steve and Alice Thompson, while the “C” division winners were Jim and Wendy Casselman, over Keith Robinson and “Bad Bob” Youmelle. 

It was a fine event, as always –pot luck this time, with the proceeds of the day going to a few club launchers for those of us who can no longer get back up after getting into the hack to deliver rocks. The new measuring stick, a previous project, is already on order. Thanks again to Susan, and to those volunteers who made things work in the event.

In the Friday night mixed league, the winners in the first draw were Larry Cooper, Keith Robinson, Anita Cooper and Darryl McDonnell.

Over the holidays, the Best Western Intermediate Men’s Zone playdowns were held at our club. The teams advancing to the regional playdowns at the Ottawa Hunt Club this month are Kevin Baker from Cornwall and Dwayne Lowe from Huntley. The winners there will play in Peterborough in March for the provincial championship. 

By all accounts, the New Year’s Eve bonspiel and the following party went well, and will once again be an annual event. 

The curling “A” winners were Wally Baker, Jim Casselman, Claire Locke and Rachel Eaves, while the “B” winners were Mahlon Locke, Gretta McGann, Gary Beckstead and Dianne Gallinger. With creative rules in the curling and midnight kisses and tempting refreshments afterwards, everyone enjoyed the evening.

In the Cornwall leg of the senior men’s Parnell bonspiel, our two teams did well, but split their games. 

Peter Zeran, Jack Barkley, Earl Jeacle and Bud Perry lost on their last rock to Cornwall in the morning, but defeated Prescott in the afternoon. Our other foursome, Sid Morrell, Raymond Benoit, Neil Williams and George Rutley lost to Cornwall, but defeated Prescott. Congratulations to Lancaster, even though they were the smallest club, for taking the win on the day.

The Broder, the four-club women’s competition, will be held in Russell on January 19th. Good luck to our two teams.

And finally, on Tuesday, January 15, three Scottish men’s teams will be playing here, challenging our club champions. Please feel free to come out and enjoy this international event. The games will be held at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

     Good curling to all!


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