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HEY! Unto You a Child is Born

On this eighth day of Christmas what did your true love give to you? Eight maids a-milking?? I highly doubt it. 

But I’ll bet that since the 25th of December you haven’t thought a whole lot about what God has given to you. Hence, the reminder at the top.

If you were to ask any member of any of the congregations of the parish I serve, you would discover that I am a stickler for observing Advent – to me that means Christmas music waits until Christmas. 

The secular world has told us that the Christmas season begins when Hallowe’en is over. The Christmas music begins at the beginning of November and on the 25th of December it stops. It’s done. It’s over.

People have forgot that Christmas begins on the 25th of December and continues into January when on the 5th of January we celebrate the 12th Night – you remember the twelve days of Christmas, right? 

I love Christmas, and I love to hear the music of Christmas. I listen to the music throughout the Christmas season, regardless of what the secular world tells me. 

It reminds me into the new year, through all the noise and chaos in my life and all the chaos in the world that, hey, unto me, unto us a child is born.

As your life continues on into 2013, recollect the gift that God so lovingly and generously gave.

We are better people for him. The world is a better place for him. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and may God continue to fill your life with blessings in 2013.

Oh, and by the way, we are having a little 12th Night/Epiphany Potluck Party at St. James’ on the 5th of January. If you want to hear Christmas music, we will be singing Christmas music.

Come on along with your favourite potluck dish and join us in the singing. . . .oh, and did I mention the ever popular Epiphany Party Quiz?????



Rev. Sue McCullough

Anglican Parish of 

Morrisburg, Iroquois 

& Riverside Heights

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