Seaway students stage protest


The students are the collateral damage, and they want it to stop. 

That was the message the 40 Seaway District High School students who walked out of class Thursday, December 20, took to the street.

“Really we want to stay neutral in the whole situation,” said grade 11 student Christyn Veinotte, one of the organizers of the student protest.

She explained that the protest was done with respect to stay mindful of all sides involved, without being overly disruptive. “We just stayed outside for 40 minutes because we thought we could raise just as much awareness with a short protest as a long one,” she said. 

“It was important that we do this to raise awareness. There’s power in numbers so the more schools who do this, the better.”

Not only does it allow them to voice their opinions, Veinotte believes it puts pressure on all those involved to find a way to improve the situation. 

“About 90-95 per cent of those people driving by gave us the thumbs up or honked, which is a lot of support. A lot more than we thought we would get,” said Veinotte.

All this labour unrest has meant the elimination of extra curricular activities.

“That especially impacts those who are motivated to come to high school by those extra curricular activities. It hurts our high school experience more than anything,” said Veinotte. “I think taking away our extra curricular activities has gone too far.”

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