Big donation from The Bargain! Shop

The Bargain! Shop in Morrisburg presented the Dundas County Food Bank with a cheque for $4,000 on December 13.

Barry Greer, Eastern Ontario District Manager for The Bargain! Shop recently received a very welcome phone call from The Bargain! Shop’s senior management team. He was told that The Bargain! Shop was going to donate $4,000 to the charity of their Morrisburg store manager’s choice. “It was a nice surprise to get that phone call,” said Greer.

Morrisburg’s store manager is Susan Shaver.Shaver did some research into area charities and decided that the funds would be donated to the Dundas County Food Bank.

“Especially this time of year, there are a lot of people in need,” said Shaver. “This is a worthy cause.”

Dundas County Food Bank chair Alvin Runnalls was happy to receive the donation saying that the food bank is serving significantly more people this year.

South Dundas Food Bank coordinator Norma Smith said that food bank use is up 13 percent over last year.

She said she is seeing a lot of new people and at the South Dundas location in particular they serve a lot of large families.

“I see so much need here,” said Smith. “But, I get to see so much generosity too.”

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