Timothy Christian School celebrates ‘Everyday Heroes’


The students of Timothy Christian School performed a new play this year for friends, family and members of the community with two performances on May 17th and May 18th.

The play, Everyday Heroes, revolved around the stories of three of the Bibles many heroes: Gideon, Esther and Nehemiah.

According to music director  (and teacher) Elizabeth Van Dyke, “it picks three stories out of the Bible about people that were really everyday people and not somebody you would necessarily expect to do extraordinary things.”

“God used everyday people to do wonderful things.”

“It’s a group effort,” she said. Everyone in the school from kindergarten to grade 8 was involved in making the play a success.

Teacher Alyssa DeKleine acted as the drama director for this year’s production.

Timothy Christian School tackles a play every other year. As Van Dyke pointed out, “it’s a big time commitment.” During the ‘off’ year, the students of Timothy Christian School display their many talents in a talent show.

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