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Policy to prevent sign pollution


 Don Lewis, Manager of Planning and Enforcement for South Dundas, raised the issue of “sign pollution” at the January 17th council meeting.

Discussion over the portable signs in Morrisburg and Iroquois revolved around three main concerns: visual aesthetics; road hazards; and, fairness in advertising.

“My main concern,” said Mayor Steven Byvelds, “is sign pollution.”

However, he also pointed out that “we’re spending over two grand to do our own signs.”

“Right now,” he continued, “we’re not equal. We allow whatever goes on.”

He suggested that staff “come up with a policy on signs.” The policy, it was pointed out, would have to be in conjunction with procedures at the County level since many of the signs are situated on county roads.

Both Councillors Jim Graham and Evonne Delegarde expressed concern for public safety. “A lot of those signs are obstructing drivers from seeing,” said Delegarde.

Graham added, “if you can cut down on sign pollution, you’re making it safer.”

Deputy-mayor Jim Locke had “mixed feelings,” but agreed with the rest of council that signs should be “kept up and back from the road.”

Byvelds encouraged Lewis “to find a solution to this problem.”

He closed the subject, saying, “I think we need some direction. I’m going to bring it up until I see some action.”


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Debate continues over Doran’s snow removal


The issue of who is responsible for removing snow at the new subdivision, Doran Creek Estates in Iroquois, is not yet resolved.

At the January 17th South Dundas council meeting, Councillor Evonne Delegarde put forth a motion “that we reconsider the snow cleaning at Doran Creek Estates.”

The motion was seconded by Deputy-mayor Jim Locke. “My feelings are well known and haven’t changed,” said Locke. He also suggested, however, that both parties sit down together in an effort to find a compromise.

“Nothing against Mr. Swank. He’s done a wonderful job,” said Councillor Jim Graham, but “it’s the policy we have with developments and it’s that we don’t take over roads until they’re done. If we do it for Swank, we’ll have to do it for others.”

In addition, he pointed out that “if we’re taking responsibility for them, we’re also accepting liability.”

Mayor Steven Byvelds said, “the time for this discussion was when the township and Mr. Swank made the agreement.”

He agreed with Graham, saying, “it’s not our road. We do not have title to it.”

In the end, it was decided that council would defer making a ruling. Staff was asked to bring a report to the next meeting.


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Byvelds unmoved


On January 20th, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) released a statement titled “OFA calls on government to suspend wind turbine development in Ontario.” 

On January 31st, South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds revealed that OFA’s new stance will not change South Dundas council’s position toward Prowind’s South Branch Wind Farm project or their refusal to meet any of the South Branch Wind Opposition Group’s requests for help in stopping the project.

“The OFA release came after our Council decision.  I don’t see how it will change our position,” said Byvelds.

“I think if you investigate prior OFA positions on the Green Energy Act you may find some contradictory statements,” he added.

According to OFA’s release, “since 2007, when the development of industrial wind turbines began in Ontario, the OFA has worked with government on regulations, cautioned farmer members on the pitfalls of wind leases and expressed concerns about pricing. Many of these issues have not been addressed, causing tremendous tension among rural residents and community neighbours.”

Further to that, OFA President Mark Wales was quoted saying, “we are hearing very clearly from our members that the wind turbine situation is coming to a head – seriously dividing rural communities and even jeopardizing farm succession planning.”


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Luke Whitteker in North Carolina for marketing summit


The busy schedule that Luke Whitteker has endured over the past year continued on the weekend of January 21-22, as he traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina for the annual Performance PR Plus Driver Advancement Marketing Summit held on the site of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

Whitteker arrived in Charlotte on Friday afternoon, and spent the day touring the Charlotte area which is the hub of the Stock Car Racing World with virtually all NASCAR race teams located in close proximity to the Queen City. 

Killing some time during the day had endless possibilities.

Saturday was the first day of the Summit, and Whitteker and other aspiring racers listened to former NASCAR crew chief and current broadcaster Larry McReynolds talk to the group, as well as open wheel racer Townsend Bell, who opened a sponsorship coaching program in 2009 to help drivers, teams and sponsors maximize their sponsorship efforts.  

After hearing stories, and sharing marketing tips from McReynolds and Bell, the group then met up with NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon and retired driver Ricky Craven.

Craven was hosting a press event that would see the unveiling of Gordon’s 20th Anniversary edition Dupont car for the 2012 season. 

“It was a very exciting event to be a part of.  We listened to some old racing stories from a lot of great people, including Richard Petty,” says Whitteker.  “It was nice to meet Jeff Gordon and Ricky Craven, and watch the event from the VIP area of Hendrick Motorsports.”

Kymberley Brantigan of Performance PR Plus hosted the annual event, along with veteran Marketing and PR Consultant and co-founder of the Race 101 Program.  

Performance PR Plus is an organization most known for their handling of Public Relations for Jeff Gordon and Dupont Motorsports for the last 20 years.  

Brantigan, along with Race 101 Marketing and PR consultant Anna-Marie Strawhand, hosted the two-day event.

After a great day with the summit, Whitteker and other racers got together for some go-kart racing at an indoor kart track in Mooresville, North Carolina.  After a fun filled evening, the students returned back to Charlotte for a good rest, before returning for the final day of the summit.

On Sunday, Brantigan and Strawhand instructed the class on marketing, media and social networking.  That was followed by an open discussion amongst the participants of the summit where they were able to make new connections.  

Whitteker arrived back home late Sunday evening.

Performance PR Plus’s Annual Driver Advancement Marketing Summit is designed to provide valuable information and insight from industry professionals on topics that include obtaining sponsorship, driver development programs, stepping-stone racing series and how to use public relations, websites and social media to promote yourself and sponsors. 

Speakers offer valuable information and answer any questions that attendees have about marketing themselves and the many off-track components necessary to have a realistic chance to advance, and what needs to be considered before making life-changing decisions around a career in motorsports.


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Provincial funding is up for South Dundas


Municipalities were notified on January 24th of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund’s (OMPF) budget decisions.

South Dundas has been allotted $1,046,000. This is $22,400 more than last year, according to the OMPF 2012 Allocation notice.

According to the government’s website, the OMPF “is the Province’s main transfer payment to municipalities. Its objectives are to: assist municipalities with their social program costs; support areas with limited property assessment; address challenges faced by northern and rural communities; and, respond to policing costs in rural communities.”

The surrounding SD&G municipalities will receive the following: North Glengarry will receive $2,010,700; North Stormont will receive $1,230,600; North Dundas will receive $958,700; South Glengarry will receive $1,188,800 which is $62,800 more than 2011; and, South Stormont will receive $999,200 which is $149,600 more than last year.


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More tournament success for South Dundas Novice B Lions


The South Dundas “Collins Barrow” Novice B Lions continued their tournament success by advancing to a championship game for the fourth straight tournament. This time out, however, they lost 4-3 to the Cumberland Flyers. 

This was a big challenge for the small band of novice aged players from South Dundas  taking on a group of Novice A teams in the Almonte-Pakenham Novice A Tournament on Sunday.

In the “B” final the Lions battled back twice to tie the game, but with 1:33 left in the third period, Cumberland Flyers Isaac Leduc broke through their defense to net the winning goal. 

With Lions goaltender Brendan Shaver on the bench for an extra attacker, the Lions pressed hard in the final minute looking to tie the game, but fell short.

The Lions opened the scoring in the first period on a Ben Lapier goal off a breakaway feed from Emytt Fetterly. This was Lapier’s 50th goal of the season in 36 games. 

The Flyers came right back to tie the game, and then in the second they took a 2-1 lead.

The Lions continued to fight hard, and on a power play late in the second, they tied it at 2-2 when Nolan Henry set up Lapier in the slot. 

On the ensuing face off the Flyers scored quickly for a 3-2 lead heading into the third period.

The Lions dominated the third period getting many scoring chances. They tied the game 3-3 with four minutes left on a goal by Nolan Henry during scramble in front of the net. 

Lapier and Kolby Latulippe picked up the assists.

In their semi-final game, the Lions cruised to an 11-2 win over the Renfrew Novice A Timberwolves. 

Owen Fetterly and Kayne McCadden each netted four goals while their line-mate Joshua Broad picked up four assists.

Ben Lapier added a single goal.

A highlight of the game came about when defenseman Spencer Barclay was set free on a breakaway by Lapier. Barclay made an inside out move on the Renfrew goalie to net his first goal of the season. 

Cassidy Bilmer, Trent Rae, Nolan Henry, Spencer Barclay and Emytt Fetterly all picked up assists on the eleven goals.

 In the tournament opening game, the Lions lost to the Nepean Dynamite, 4-1. 

With the Dynamite winning 3-0 late in the third period, the Lions finally converted one of their many scoring chances when Kolby Latulippe banged a puck home. Emytt Fetterly picked up the assist.

With the momentum from the goal and their goalie on the bench, the Lions pressed and continued to get scoring chances but were unable to cut into the Dynamite lead.

In league action earlier last week, the Lion’s defeated the South Grenville Rangers for the second consecutive time, 4-1.  

The Ranger’s jumped out to a 1-0 lead early in the first, but Kolby Latulippe banged home a rebound to score the Lions first goal.

Assists went to Nolan Henry and Ben Lapier.

In the second period, Owen Fetterly and Kayne McCadden played a little give and go which led to a Fetterly goal. 

Spencer Barclay picked up the assist making a breakout pass from behind his goal line. 

McCadden scored 25 seconds later on a pass from Joshua Broad.

The Lions Cassidy Bilmer rounded out the scoring with her first goal of the season, when she broke up the middle from her blue line position and netted a shot through the five hole.

The South Dundas “Collins Barrow” Novice B Lions next home game is Thursday, February 2nd at 7 p.m. versus the first place Brockville #2 Braves.


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Cow Patti audiences to enjoy Boeing-Boeing turbulence


“If we can make ourselves laugh, I guarantee we’ll make an audience laugh,” says Richard Bauer who is directing the final Cow Patti production at the Ramada Inn in Cornwall in February.

For its 11th and final curtain call in the Seaway Valley, AnnaMarie Lea’s Cow Patti Theatre is producing Marc Camoletti’s Boeing-Boeing.

Boeing-Boeing is a wonderful farce,” says Bauer. “It takes place in this bachelor pad in Paris. Garfield (Andrews) plays Bernard, and he’s decided he can have three mistresses at the same time. Over the years, he’s devised a time schedule. But, you know, schedules change, weather happens and planes get faster.”

“Bernard is a ladies man,” says Andrews of his character. “He’s formulated a way to live out his fantasies and never have these women meet. He’s on top of his game.”

Boeing-Boeing is set in the 1960s, and Bernard’s lifestyle becomes unravelled in a very short 24 hour period when his carefully arranged time schedule falls apart.

Joining Andrews, a longtime favourite on the Cow Patti stage and on the stage at the Upper Canada Playhouse in Morrisburg, is Jamie Williams playing Bernard’s old school chum Robert. The two haven’t seen each other in more than 10 years, and Robert just happens to drop in.

“I’m from the country and have a farm where we make oil…walnut oil, apparently,” explains Williams. Robert quickly learns of his friend’s lifestyle and “at first I just react to things, but, eventually I find myself involved with keeping the three air hostesses from meeting.”

Also enlisted in keeping the hostesses apart is Bernard’s French housekeeper Bertha, played by AnnaMarie Lea. “I think Bertha quite likes her boss, and I think she wants to please him,” says Lea. The difficulty however is, “one minute I’m cooking sauerkraut, then it’s pancakes and molasses and then frankfurters.”

That’s because each of Bernard’s flight attendants hails from a different country…Germany, the southern United States and Italy.

Thoroughly enjoying their characters, just a few days into rehearsals, are Susan Greenfield, Kate Gordon and Katie Lawson.

Greenfield is playing Gabriella, the Italian, “who is very passionate. I love being in love, and I’m jealous and possessive.”

Gloria, the American from the South is played by Katie Lawson. “Gloria is very confident, and she has a strange appetite.”

Hostess number three is Gretchen, the German, played by Kate Gordon. “Gretchen is assertive, definitely not delicate, and she has a big personality.”

“The women in this farce really drive the show, they provide the spice,” says Bauer. 

Lea is hoping that the five Boeing-Boeing benefit shows will push the Cow Patti 11-year total to over $200,000 raised for local charities.

This year’s Benefit Shows are scheduled for February 22 for the SD&G Highland Dance Association; Thursday, February 9 for Water for Life; Sunday, February 12, for the Ontario Senior Games District #8; Thursday, February 16 for the Knights of Columbus; Sunday, February 19 for Glengarry Memorial Hospital.

Boeing-Boeing opens Thursday, February 2 and runs through Sunday, February 19. The dinner theatre ($58 tickets) and Brunch Theatre ($48 tickets) include the always delicious Ramada Inn buffets while evening and afternoon cabaret tickets sell for $27. 

This year, Cow Patti has added a TGIF cabaret on Friday night, February 3. “I’m trying to encourage younger couples to come and see the show, so I thought I would change it up a bit for the Friday night (Feb. 3) show, make it a bit more affordable with the cabaret.” For information or tickets call 1-877-552-9166 or visit

Bauer says it is an honour to direct the final Cow Patti show in the Seaway Valley. “I’ve worked with all of these people before and it is an honour to work with established professionals.”

Excited about the show, he says “it’s like a plane taking off…it’s off…it’s flying…then it hits the turbulence.”

It’s that turbulence that Cow Patti promises will have the audiences “airborne with laughter!”


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The season and the Junior B Lions winding down


After leading the Alexandria Glens 3-1 at the end of the first period, the Morrisburg Junior B Lions were able to hold on to a slim 4-3 edge after 40 minutes of play here Sunday afternoon. But then along came the third period.

That’s when the Glens turned it up a notch to out-score the Lions 8-1 and claim an 11-5 win. 

“I just don’t understand,” said coach Thom Racine. “We played two good periods of hockey. I just don’t know how we can lose our composure like that on one goal.”

That goal came at 3:29 of the third period and tied the game 4-4. From then on it was down hill all the way for the Lions who are looking less and less likely to earn the St. Lawrence Division’s fourth and final playoff position.

“Obviously, Alexandria sat in their dressing room between periods with their 12 players and said ‘enough is enough’. They (Alexandria) don’t have a physical team, they just out-skilled us. We were awful in the third period,” said Racine.

The 11-5 come-from-behind Alexandria win followed on the heels of a crushing 8-0 Hawks victory in Winchester on Friday night.

“Friday night we played a really good first period, but after that they just destroyed us,” said Racine.

The game was scoreless in the first period, and in the second the St. Lawrence Division’s first place Hawks went up 4-0. They dropped their final four goals, against Lions goaltender Mikael Dion, in the third period.

In a demonstration of their offensive depth, eight Hawks players accounted for the goals. They were Nevin Guy, Ramsey Wheeler, Dylan Chessell, Josh Stubbings, Brandon Belding, Aaron Dickenson, Dustin Tinkler and Graham Loyst.

The Hawks sat out eight minor penalties and a 10 minute misconduct while the Lions were assessed five minors.

Sunday afternoon in Morrisburg, Ryan Dunbar, Michael Poapst and Michael Paquette accounted for the Lions three first period goals. Adam Simpson answered for the Glens to keep the count at 3-1.

Then in the second period, the Glens got a pair of counters from Shane Kitchen while Chris Rutley struck on the Lions power play. 

The period ended with the Lions in the lead 4-3.

In the third period the Glens totally dominated the play with four consecutive unanswered goals as they headed for the comeback 11-5 win.

Michel Lefebvre scored the Lions fifth and final goal, unassisted,  at 8:10 of the third period.

The Lions were in action last night, Tuesday in Williamstown in a makeup game against the Char-Lan Rebels. They went into the game trailing the fourth place Rebels by five points and, to have even a remote chance of catching them, the Lions had to produce a win.

The Lions have four games, plus a makeup game against the Casselman Vikings, left on their schedule.

This Thursday, February 2 they are in Casselman for a 7:30 p.m. match and Saturday night, February 4 they travel to Alexandria.

The Winchester Hawks have now wrapped up the St. Lawrence Division’s top spot with 67 points on 33 wins, four losses and one tie. The Casselman Vikings are in second spot with 56 points and the Glen are guaranteed third place with 49.

In the bottom half of the division the Revels hold fourth place with 28 points, the Lions ar next with 23 and the Akwesasne Wolves are in sixth place with 21.

The much-improved Akwesasne Wolves defeated the Vikings, 4-2 Sunday, to give themselves the opportunity to climb out of the St. Lawrence Division basement.


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Hospital Heelers give over $75,000 to WDMH Foundation


Many of the current Winchester Hospital Heelers were on hand to celebrate the hand over of 75 per cent of the funds they raised in early 2011 to the WDMH Foundation. Peter Linkletter, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation (ORCF) Board Chair, addressed those in attendance and presented a cheque for $75,372. WDMH Foundation Board Chair, Diane Crummy was on hand to inform those present that the Heelers have raised over $500,000 towards cancer care in this region and applaud the Heelers for their commitment to this cause and specifically in helping to purchase the WDMH Digital Mammography machine. 


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Curling Chatter


Dave King and his committee ran another very successful Hugh Hutchison Bonspiel last week. This was formerly a Robbie Burns themed event, but with the decline in the percentage of Scots in the area, and a decrease in the affection for haggis, the event has been renamed. Ten men’s teams competed this year, playing two games separated by a fine lunch from Subway.

After scores were tallied, third place was awarded to the foursome of Eric Orgee, Jack Dikland, Karl Duncan and Al Gowanlock. Second went to Sid Morrell, Ken Wilson, Earl Jeacle and Fred Langlotz. Finishing first and getting their names on the venerable trophy were George Rutley, Neil Williams, Ron Beaupre and Steve Thompson.

Thursday, Gretta McGann, Joanne Baker, Claire Locke and Yvonne Mabo were in Prescott for their Robbie Burns event for ladies. The curlers were piped onto the ice, with Morrisburg the only team outfitted with kilts. They tied their morning game against North Grenville and paused for a delicious lunch, sans haggis. In the afternoon our ladies won their match against Lancaster, finishing in second place overall. It was another delightful event, in the fine tradition of Scottish curling.

Friday, Steve and Alice Thompson, Keith Robinson and Sharon Van Allen drove through the ice storm to Richmond for their 2-2-2 bonspiel. Our local team dropped their morning match to a strong Manotick foursome, visited with a number of old friends, and were fuelled by a tasty lunch. In the afternoon they returned to the ice against a quartet from Richmond. The teams ended up tied, and Alice won the game for our local heroes with a perfect draw to the pin. After team introductions, colourful stories, and picking out prizes, the teams hurried home, this time through a blinding snowstorm. In spite of the weather, it was a great day.

Meanwhile, the local club was hosting a stick bonspiel, organized by Glen Cougler. The weather was tricky for driving, but many of the curlers made it, and a simplified bonspiel went ahead. Glen’s committee did an excellent job, with Linda Robinson catering a fine lunch for the event.

Kemptville finished first, after their skip, Virginia Cunningham, outdrew Sid Morrell to the button to break the tie. With Virginia were Jean Hartree, Peggy Angus and Pam Owen. Sid’s team included Andy Patenaude, Neil Williams, and Dwight Gilmer/Al Gowanlock. Greta McGann, Arnold Barkley, and Martin Schneckenburger/Ted Herriman finished third in the bonspiel. Thanks to Glen for organizing this again. He will run the stick bonspiel again next year, but hopes for better weather.

Two teams of our Little Rockers were in Brockville on Saturday for a bonspiel. Kaeghan Lowson, Kendrew Byers, Calvin Scott and Adam White won their first match 5-2 against Brockville, but dropped their second 4-2 to Manotick. Ewan Wilson, Emily Poirier, Martina Lewis and Jonathan Charette dropped their games against the other Brockville and Manotick teams 4-1 and 3-1. Our young curlers played well and enjoyed the day.

Because of the weather, the last senior men’s Parnell of the season was cancelled, although the Prescott organizers hope to reschedule.

Wendy Casselman of our club began play last weekend in the OCA Regional Playdowns with Winchester’s Janet Lapierre, Janet Levere and Janet Thompson at the Ottawa Curling Club. We hope to have the results next time. Good curling!