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May 20, 2015 Edition

Seaway Students Make Hay While the Sun Shines


South Dundas is a community founded on farming and the agricultural life. 

This was really evident on Tuesday, May 19, when students and staff at Seaway District High School took part in the 4th Annual Hay Day, held in the track area, a school-wide event...
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IPS Entrepreneurs come home with a prize


“It was a tough competition,” said Derrik Jansen, a member of the Iroquois Public School team which entered the May 1, 2015,  Innovation. Creativity. Entrepreneurship. competition held at Kemptville College. “And nerve-wracking. I did a lot of...
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Gardening for Groceries


Lesley Johansen knows how important fresh fruit and vegetables can be in any one’s diet. And she also understands that good, fresh produce can often be beyond the financial reach of many families in this area.

“About a year ago, while I was working at...
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