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July 27, 2016 Edition

Water and sewer rates going up 10 per cent

Residents of Morrisburg and Iroquois will soon see an increase on their water and sewer bills, as local politicians recently approved the change during a special council meeting.

July 19, saw Municipality of South Dundas council approve CAO/treasurer Shannon Geraghty’s...
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Itís Tubie Weekend!

Tu-Bie Young, or not so young, this weekend is sure to be a fun one here in Morrisburg. 

For the 46th time, the annual tubie race will take to the St. Lawrence River at noon Sunday, July 31.

As always the festivities that go along with the event are ready to...
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Third chairperson resigns from Morrisburg Waterfront Committee

The Morrisburg Waterfront Implementation Committee is once again without a captain to steer the Morrisburg waterfront plan forward.

Chair of the committee Brian Veinotte resigned from the position and the committee the morning of July 21.

Veinotte’s resignation...
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