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July 29, 2015 Edition

New nomination for Cory Coons


Lighting may strike twice in the case of local musician, Cory Coons.

At the November 12, 2014, Los Angeles Music Awards, he was thrilled to bring home the Producers Choice Award for Studio Album of the Year. His album Share A Little Time was regarded as...
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Touch and Go coming to UCP


The summer of comedy is packing them in at the Playhouse this 2015 season. The theatre’s upcoming comedy, Touch and Go, guarantees to keep those crowds coming.

The Playhouse and its audience knows that everyone enjoys a laugh. In fact, the legendary...
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The Dutch Never Forget: Doug Kirker returns to Liberation of Netherlands celebration


“I was two when he went overseas,” said Doug Kirker, sitting quietly in his living room in Prescott. “I don’t remember him. What I do remember, even though I was so very young, was seeing that old phone on the wall of our house. And seeing my...
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Roger Swerdfeger is at it again, hole in one this time


Last week the Leader printed a report on golfer Roger Swerdfeger of Long Sault, and the albatross he had scored on the par five second hole at the Upper Canada Golf Course on July 9. 

At that time he had been playing for about 40 years and while he now had...
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Lowe, Barkley are Cedar Glen Club Champions


Cheryl Lowe and Kurtis Barkley successfully defended their titles at the Cedar Glen Club Championship tournament played here on Saturday, July 18.

This year’s club championship, featured a one-day, 18 hole round for the men’s and ladies divisions of...
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